Rando âne Bourgogne


Happy donkey's breeders for more than 20 years in the heart of the Brionnais, we have prepared donkey trekking tours to share the beauty and richness of our territory.

A donkey hike is a different way to appreciate nature and will please the whole family. Our donkeys know the Brionnais paths well and will accompany you with a complicit step throughout the hike. They will carry your bags and the children of more than 3 years old on the parcous. Good walking companions, our donkeys are very friendly and love to cuddle!

We propose 2 types of donkey rides :

The hikes with a donkey around our farm: from the same accommodation, you can go for half a day or a full day walk with a donkey carrying your picnics and the youngest children.

The itinerant hikes with a donkey: you leave for a hike with a donkey from 2 to 7 days by stopping each evening in a new accommodation.

Hikes for the whole family !


The itinerant hikes with a donkey

We propose you itinerant hikes in the heart of the Brionnais. Share for a magnificent adventure of 2 to 7 days.

You will leave our farm for several days on circuits that we adapt to your level of walking (10 to 12 km per day for families with young children and 12 to 16 km per day for families with children from 10 years old).

Each evening you will be received in a different accommodation.

The donkey will carry your luggage for the stay and the smaller ones when they are tired.

It's a real family adventure: every day you will discover different landscapes and new accommodations.

We will have taught you how to equip and take care of your donkey on the day of your departure.
Our donkey becomes your donkey for the duration of your stay and this will create a very strong bond between you and your companion. The donkey will teach you to "let go", to be together simply in total connection with nature... your most beautiful holidays!


An experience to share with family and friends.

Hike with a donkey around the farm

To discover the Brionnais countryside with a donkey without constraints, at your own pace, we propose star hikes around our farm.
For half a day or a day, it's an experience that the whole family can share!

The hikes start from our guest rooms. You will put down your suitcases at our place for several days, for a holiday at the farm which will allow you to experiment the hike with a donkey.

The donkey carries your picnic and the youngest children (total load max 30kg).

With this formula a donkey is reserved for you for the duration of your stay but the conditions are flexible because if it rains, if one day you wish to have an activity outside the farm, you can "postpone" your day of hiking.

The other advantage is that the distances of the hikes are very varied from 6 to 20 km, so you can choose each day according to your desires. You won't have the adventurous flavour of an itinerant hike, but already a nice foretaste of it...


A gentle tour on the canal towpaths and on the paths near the Loire. You will be able to take the time to observe the typical fauna and flora of this area labelled NATURA 2000. Observe the storks, the kingfishers, the African bee-eaters and their thousand colours?


This route will also take you on the towpaths but on the side of the Loire department. You will also be able to take advantage of a small "gastronomic" stop at the inn of Mr TROIS GROS if you wish it as well as a fresh break on the banks of the Loire!


It is a magnificent circuit that gets lost in the middle of the meadows with their eternal Charolais cows. Discover this hike on magnificent paths lined with quickset hedges which will offer all their charm to your awakening senses.


You will love these 2 circuits on the hills of Iguerande, one on hardwood forest trails. The other on the hillsides on which the villages of Iguerande and Fleury la Montagne perch.


1/2 day45.00€
morning between 8h30 12h00 / am between 14h00 18h30 | departure only in the morning in July and August
1 day65.00€
between 8h30 and 18h30

This rate includes :

  • a presentation of the donkey which will accompany you for your hike
  • training on its needs and how to run it
  • a hiking map

This rate does not include :

  • picnic
  • hosting
  • insurance
We organize hiking trips from 2 to 7 days with our donkeys.

The Brionnais is a small, discreet country in the heart of France, south of Burgundy. Often called the land of "green gold", the Brionnais is also a land of water! A cheek resting on the Loire, draped in a voluptuous bocage, embroidered by the sparkling thread of rivers and canals, this is our territory! And it is thus by following the canal, the Loire, the Arconce in the middle of meadows and cows, that we propose you to discover it...

Bougres d'ânes


You must choose your hike according to your level of walking, the composition of your group and the age of the participants. We can advise you if you have any hesitation on the choice of your hike!

We are at your disposal by phone or by mail to help you to build your stay according to your desires and your expectations.

Considering the maximum weight that a donkey can carry (30 kg per donkey), we generally advise to take a donkey for 3 to 4 people. This rule often varies according to the age of the children accompanying the hike and their ability to walk long enough: in all cases we propose a number of donkeys which, by experience, seems to us adapted to your group.


We provide you with two very large saddlebags per donkey: your luggage will be evenly distributed in these two saddlebags: each saddlebag must have the same weight and the maximum total weight is 30 kilos minus the weight of the children who have to ride on the donkey.

Remember to bring a water bottle of about one litre per person. Don't forget caps and sun cream for the summer. A small emergency pharmacy (antiseptic, bandages, aspirin or doliprane child, mosquito repellent ... ) is always practical ....

Think about the weight of the picnic lunch, about 1 kg per person if you order it on the first day of the hike: ALL the picnic equipment is provided, including the isothermal bag. If you don't take the picnic at our place you must bring all your picnic equipment (airtight box, cutlery AND FLEXIBLE cooler).

Don't overlook light rain gear, proper hiking boots that you have already walked in, as new shoes can hurt your feet very badly.

Mountain bike helmets for children riding on donkeys are mandatory, so think about it!
The most beautiful place in Europe. Rooms furnished with love. Incredibly hospitable. A paradise for children !

Hikes for the whole family !